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Villages - A Simple Solution
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Eliminate Poverty

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I do not believe the survival of the human species and the other species living on this planet will continue to exist into the far distant future

(see 40 year update of Limits to Growth, http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/sep/02/limits-to-growth-was-right-new-research-shows-were-nearing-collapse).

“Change is difficult because there are always winners and losers. But we will all be losers if we let the future be decided by inertia,

shortsightedness and vested interests”

(http://pubs.iied.org/pdfs/17129IIED.pdf  Page 6) 

Vested interests include Businesses/Companies/Corporations and their wealthy elite owners and investors, all counting on continued profits based on continued growth; governments tied to this need for constant growth; and the Banks that exist on generating profits from interest earned on loaning money. 

Politicians are caught in the middle trying to satisfy the “Growth” players mentioned above, while maintaining good relations with the unhappy tax payers. And of course, politicians have a short(sighted) time frame, where their main objective is to look good for the next election. 

Governments are a lot like Ocean Liners where it takes a very long time to change course. And because the inertia driving Businesses/Companies/Corporations is Profit, it is very unlikely they will ever be motivated to move away from a growth/profit strategy! Well, at least until they run out of growth and raw materials and finally collapse. 

So I guess we are left with “Business as Usual” or “just the Status Quo” - no changes likely for the foreseeable future, even as colliding trends bring us closer and closer to an ultimate Global Collapse.

In my humble opinion, I think there is only one strategy, one simple solution that can save all of us – humans and all the other species, our

environment, and all the future humans not yet born. I call it

“Villages....A Simple Solution”


  •  Building lots of New Villages around the world 

  •  Solving the Sustainability Challenge


  •  Helping promote Villages through MOL, the world political party 


  •  Recruiting lots of Volunteers to help 


  •  Starting and growing the PEG movement - (Poverty Elimination Globally)


These are most of the necessary steps. No Warfare. No Overthrow. No Revolution. Just logical Evolutionary steps designed to move away from

Profit, towards Localization, peace and harmony for everyone and everything on this planet.


This is an urgent request for you to get involved NOW, before it is too late....

Please visit our Volunteer Site

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